Don't try to be your own lawyer without going to law school and passing the bar exam

Should you try to settle your own claim for bodily injuries with a defendant's insurance company in order to "save" money? No. You would not attempt to defend yourself in court if you were charged with a crime because a highly experienced and knowledgeable attorney would be prosecuting you and would not have your best interest at heart. You would not attempt even "minor" surgery on yourself to save money. An insurance adjuster is an experienced professional who handles claims for a living and definitely does not have your best interest at heart. The adjuster's job is to pay as little of the company's money to a claimant as is reasonably possible, so you will never get a full and fair offer if you do not have a skilled and experienced professional attorney representing your interests. Also, you will not have to pay our attorney's fee until and unless we have obtained a recovery for you by settlement or judgment. 

Many adjusters will try to offer to pay medical expenses incurred to date in an effort to low-ball the settlement of the claim. However, in order to receive this payment you will have to release the defendant and his insurer from any future claim for any damages in the future. It is common for symptoms of bodily injuries to linger or to recur later in time. It is common for a patient to require future treatments or surgeries for conditions that do not completely resolve quickly. Further, if you were injured by the negligence of another person you are also entitled to recover money damages for your lost earnings, for loss of earning capacity due to injuries, and for non-economic damages for pain, suffering, distress, insomnia and related issues caused by the bodily injury. You need a professional who has the experience and resources to determine the potential value of your claim and the skill to and knowledge to pursue a fair settlement or to prosecute it through trial if no fair offer comes from the insurance company.