Merced Elder Law Attorney Helps Seniors Plan for Future Care

Central California lawyer advises on various issues facing seniors

Getting older presents numerous challenges, but with the right legal counsel, you can put yourself in the best possible position for the years ahead. Curry and Curry in Merced offers a wide range of elder law services, including help with estate planning, nursing home negligence actions, Medi-Cal eligibility concerns and asset protection.

Firm assists with wills, long-term care planning and nursing home negligence claims

You deserve the opportunity to enjoy what you’ve accumulated over a lifetime and to control where your property goes after you are gone. My firm is committed to providing personalized counsel on various estate planning concerns so that you can make this happen. You can rely on me for solutions relating to:

  • Wills and trusts — My firm drafts thorough wills and trusts so that clients are able to protect their assets and transfer them to the recipients they choose. A last will and testament is the foundation of a solid estate plan and I will see that it conforms with California laws. Trusts can perform various functions. You might use one to reduce your tax exposure or to save your loved ones from having to wait through the probate process to obtain property upon your death.
  • Power of attorney documents — As you age, you’re more likely to experience a medical crisis that leaves you unable to communicate. Unless you have executed an enforceable power of attorney document, there might be confusion and conflict among your loved ones. I can help you put a durable power of attorney in place that can designate someone you trust to act as your agent in the event you are incapacitated. You might wish to have one person direct your medical treatment while another person handles your financial matters.
  • Living wills — End-of-life care can be burdensome and expensive. Medical directives commonly referred to as living wills give individuals the chance to declare what type of life-prolonging treatments they want and don’t want.
  • Nursing home negligence — Seniors in nursing homes and other types of care facilities risk physical, psychological and financial harm when operators and employees fail to fulfill their duties correctly. My firm represents victims seeking compensation for the abuse and neglect they endured.
  • Medicare and Medi-Cal planning — Many people are troubled by the prospect of paying for extensive medical care as they grow older. Finding the right combination of private health insurance, Medicare, employer-provided coverage and Medi-Cal benefits can seem overwhelming. I take the time to help you evaluate your options and suggest potential solutions, including maximizing exempt and unavailable property in your estate and providing other strategies to help you accelerate or maintain eligibility for long-term care coverage as part of your Medi-Cal planning. I also provide plans for lawful protection of assets from post-death recovery claims by the State of California if you or your loved one receives Medi-Cal payments for long-term care and medical expenses.

Neglecting to address critical elder law concerns and trusting these important matters to a one-size-fits-all form or to a person or company that is not licensed to practice law and fully educated on the complicated rules for Medi-Cal eligibility for long-term care and state recovery claims could trigger serious problems for you and those closest to you, including making yourself ineligible for Medi-Cal, making your assets unnecessarily liable for recovery claims by the state or subjecting you to fraud or elder financial abuse by unethical sales people accessing your personal asset information for the purpose of selling you unnecessary annuities or life insurance products . For three decades, I’ve given Californians peace of mind by preparing them for major life changes.

What is the benefit of business succession planning?

For many small business owners, the ultimate goal is transfer ownership of their company to a family member or trusted colleague. Without careful planning, business succession can become a serious and costly problem. No matter what your future goals are, it is wise to create arrangements so that your operation is in good hands if you are suddenly unable to remain in control. You should also gain a thorough understanding of what the tax consequences might be if you intend to pass your business to your child or another family member. My firm will take a close look at your situation in order to devise a business succession plan that achieves your goals and averts unnecessary problems.

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