Merced Dog Bite Lawyer Seeks Payment for Injured Parties

Firm assists victims of animal bites and other types of pet attacks

Whether a dog is large or small, one bite can inflict pain on a victim and require them to seek medical attention. If you need to see a doctor regarding puncture wounds, rabies or some other condition caused by another person’s dog, you know there will be bills that follow. Curry and Curry in Merced advocates on behalf of Central Californians hurt by bites, knockdowns and other forms of animal attacks. Before you give up your legal right to relief in a settlement, talk to my firm and I will explain your legal options.

California law holds pet owners strictly liable for injuries caused by their animals

Often, the first thing someone says when their dog bites someone else is that they had no idea that their friendly pet was capable of acting so aggressively. Under California law, this does not matter. The state uses a strict liability standard, which means that, in most situations, the pet owner must pay for damages caused by their animal even if the owner had no idea that their dog or other pet presented a danger. Some other states use a different standard, but here you do not have to prove any awareness on the defendant’s part in order to recover damages in a dog bite lawsuit.

Injuries commonly found in dog bite claims

More than 700,000 Americans require medical treatment each year in response to a dog bite. If you’ve been attacked by someone’s pet, you deserve to collect reimbursement for your healthcare costs and any income you lost because you were unable to work. You might also experience a great deal of pain and emotional harm. Some victims face serious traumatic stress after a dog bite, particularly when they are around strange dogs. In a personal injury case, my firm pursues maximum compensation for people dealing with the following types of problems stemming from an animal attack.

  • Bone and ligament damage — Getting bitten by a dog can lead to broken bones and damage to muscles, ligaments and nerves. This is true whether the injury comes from a bite or a fall that is caused by an aggressive animal.
  • Rabies — If you were bitten by a dog that did not receive a rabies inoculation, you likely will be facing a long, painful series of shots in order to avoid a severe illness.
  • Abrasions and disfigurement — Some cuts that a victim suffers after a dog bite heal completely. Unfortunately, there are cases where the result is scarring or results in another type of permanent disfigurement, especially when the animal belongs to a particularly fierce breed.

Don’t hesitate to seek legal recourse if you went to the emergency room or doctor’s office after being injured by someone else’s pet.

Defenses sometimes raised in dog bite litigation

Though California’s strict liability standard eases the legal burden on victims, there are defenses that a dog owner could use in order to avoid paying damages. In most cases, trespassers are not able to receive an award in a premises liability claim, so if you were bitten by someone’s dog while on its owner’s property without permission, your lawsuit might not succeed. Likewise, an injured plaintiff will not recover damages if they are found to have provoked the attack by taunting the animal.

Contact a Central California lawyer if you required medical treatment after a dog bite

Curry and Curry in Merced represents victims of dog bites and other types of animal attacks in Central California. If someone else’s pet harmed you, please call 209-720-3912 or contact me online to learn about what type of compensation might be available. I work on a contingency fee basis, so you do not pay for my legal services until after you have received payment in a settlement or verdict.