California Long-Term Care Planning Attorney

Experienced lawyer advises on Medi-Cal eligibility and asset protection trusts

While dealing with life’s daily challenges, it’s easy to neglect planning for the future. If you’re relatively young and healthy, making arrangements for long-term care might seem like something that can be delayed for years, or even decades. Sadly, this is not the case. Even if you’re not a senior, a sudden illness or accident could necessitate extraordinary care either in your home or a residential facility. Many families don’t realize the importance of long-term planning until it’s too late.

At Curry and Curry in Merced, I am an experienced Central California attorney who provides knowledgeable advice on all types of long-term care options. Whether you have questions about Medi-Cal eligibility, coverage provided through your employer or a private plan, I can advise you on practical solutions that help you get the care you need while maintaining access to the assets you have accumulated over a lifetime.

Important considerations regarding long-term care funding

Some people mistakenly believe that estate planning only involves instructions for the distribution of assets upon one’s death. However, you cannot leave the legacy you want if your wealth has been depleted by healthcare and nursing costs before it is passed to your loved ones. As you look to avoid serious financial problems resulting from the need for long-term care, there are several things to consider:

  • Medi-Cal eligibility — Many families cannot afford the high cost of long-term care without assistance. However, these benefits are not available to everyone. My firm focuses on Medi-Cal planning so that clients have a thorough understanding of the state’s eligibility requirements for long-term care coverage.
  • Asset protection trusts — By creating an asset protection trust, you can qualify for Medi-Cal benefits and prevent the state from seeking reimbursement from your estate after you are gone.
  • Alternative funding options — You might have a long-term care policy through your employer or because you have chosen to purchase one yourself. After evaluating your circumstances, I can develop a plan that is suited to your situation and needs.

Whether you’re setting up a long-term care funding strategy for yourself or a loved one, speaking with a qualified California elder law attorney is the first step to gaining the protection and peace of mind you deserve.

Now is the time to start long-term care planning

Long-term care is not just for the elderly, but also people who have been severely injured in accidents, stroke victims and others who require in-person assistance to handle their daily needs. Even serious medical conditions commonly associated with older people, such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia often last for many years. This means that no matter how comfortable you are financially, a situation where long-term care is required could create a serious hardship if you haven’t taken the proper measures in advance.

Contact a California elder law attorney to discuss your long-term care planning

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