Merced Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Central California firm seeks compensation for victims of serious accidents

Curry and Curry in Merced has the skill and experience to handle complex catastrophic injury claims. No matter how seriously you’ve been hurt, I will press for the full amount you’re entitled to, including damages for healthcare costs, lost income and long-term rehabilitation.

Types of catastrophic injuries

My firm seeks justice for Californians in a full range of catastrophic personal injury cases, including matters involving medical conditions such as:

  • Paralysis — A blow to the neck or spinal cord could cause permanent paralysis in one or more parts of the body. In these cases, victims often need to overhaul their lifestyle and might require round-the-clock care. Some paraplegics and quadriplegics also must spend a substantial amount of money to modify their homes.
  • Brain damage — Severe concussions and other head and neck injuries sometimes result in significant degeneration of brain function. Symptoms of traumatic brain injuries can be varied and difficult to detect, so it is important to retain an attorney who has experience in these cases.
  • Loss of limb — In a car crash or other type of accident, a victim’s arm or leg could be severed, changing the victim’s life forever. There are also cases where an infection occurs following a traumatic injury, necessitating a medical amputation.
  • Disfigurement — Scarring and other forms of permanent disfigurement can lead to emotional problems and make it difficult for someone to return to the life they knew before getting hurt.
  • Bone breaks — Fractured and broken bones might take months to heal, and in the most severe cases, never fully recover.
  • Organ damage — Losing your spleen or suffering an injury to an internal organ could limit you for the rest of your life and make you more susceptible to further medical difficulties.  
  • Severe burns — Treatment of severe thermal and chemical burns sometimes requires multiple skin grafts. Often, the damage can never be completely healed.

While most personal injury lawsuits relate to harm that will last for a few weeks or months, catastrophic claims often must account for damages that accumulate over many years. You need an attorney who has litigated these matters successfully and can accurately assess the payment you should seek during settlement negotiations and, if necessary, at trial.

How life-changing injuries occur

Without warning, your life could be altered forever because of someone else’s negligence. Incidents that frequently give rise to catastrophic injury litigation include:

  • Vehicle accidents — The speed and force of a car, truck or motorcycle can inflict terrible harm on a body. In cases stemming from auto accidents, my firm battles to get victims what they deserve.
  • Falls — Depending on the location and where the impact is on the person’s body, a fall could trigger a traumatic brain injury or another type of long-term medical condition. I represent plaintiffs in premises liability claims when a property owner’s carelessness led to the slip and fall.
  • Workplace accidents — Construction sites, factories and other industrial work environments present the risk of a severe accident. If you were seriously hurt and someone besides your employer or a co-worker was responsible, my firm can pursue a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.
  • Animal attacks — When someone is severely injured by a dog bite or injured in a different type of pet attack, I work diligently to hold the animal’s owner accountable.

Due to the high stakes of catastrophic injury cases, defendants and insurance companies often fight back hard against plaintiffs, even when their culpability is obvious. I know how to counter these tactics and press for a resolution that properly addresses the immense harm that was done.

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